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Updated Friday March 9, 2018 by SJA Basketball League.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions we've had in the past.   

Q:  Can I still register my child to play? 

A: Yes, the registration deadline is May 19th. You may register online or at the tryouts on May 5th.  

Q: What happens if no one volunteers to coach a team?

The worst case scenario is that the team will be dissolved and the registration refunded to the parents.  We do all that we can to encourage someone to step up and coach before this happens.

Q: When will I be contacted by a coach?

A: The draft is held in May.  We allocate teams and coaches during the draft.  Coaches are requested to contact their teams prior to June 1st.  We are an all volunteer league.  It takes volunteers time to administer the league, as well as coach the players on the teams.  We can't do it alone, and rely upon volunteers to coach the teams.  We need help to be successful.

Q: Who can play in the league?

A: Players who are between 7 and 17 and complete the registration process (fill out the forms, provide birth certificate, and pay the fee) are eligible to play.  If you turn 18 prior to August 31, 2018  - you are not eligible). Anyone with a willingness to learn, play and have fun with the game of basketball.

Q: When does the season start?

A: Practices run through the month of June and are scheduled by individual coaches based on their availability.  The season begins the 9th of July and runs till near the end of August.  Teams play 10 games during this time.

Q: When will my childs games be?

A: Typically, the Junior and Junior A teams play at 5:30 or 6:00 PM, Junior B at 6:30 or 7:00 PM, Intermediate at 7:30 PM or 8:30 PM, and Seniors at 7:30 PM or 8:30 PM.  Boys play Monday or Wednesday, Girls on Tuesday, or Thursday.  We reserve the right to adjust this during the season to accomodate rainouts, etc. So it is possible for the schedule to alter.  This is the general framework of the schedule. Boys and girls schedules may cross over to their off days if there are a large number of teams playing.

Q: What's the rule on playing time?

A: Sportsmanship and fair play, supportive instruction, and friendly competition. This is the mantra. It isn't about winning. It is about learning. In order to learn, you must play. In this league, everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn (i.e. play). This means throughout the game, not just in the first half. In order to learn how to deal with the pressure at the end of the game, you have to have the opportunity to play at the end of the game. We all win if each player learns something new and improves during the season.

Q: What if my child's team doesn't have enough players for the game?

A: This is a summer league and it is expected that at times you may have difficulty getting a full compliment of players. During these times, coaches communicate with the board member at the courts, and they will balance the teams available. This means that at times players will be pulled from one team to play on another. This is normal and expected. Coaches participate here and help select the players if asked to do so. It's always nice when kids volunteer to do this, but we need to make sure that it's not always the same kids. Again, this league is all about playing. We can't play 10 on 3, and there are no forfeits. If they come, they will play.

Q: Why does my child have to play on a different team today?

A: This is somewhat related to the "What if I don't have 5 kids to play?" question. Coaches should make it clear to the parents at the start of the season that it is likely at some point during the season their child will be asked to play on a different team. This is required in order to balance the teams and make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to play. Even if your team has 5 players to play, you may have a player drawn from another team in order to provide a substitute player. It is the summer, and it can get quite hot. The goal here is enjoyment, and fairplay. If volunteers are not available, players will be selected at random by the board member in charge. The board member in charge can't proceed with any games until these issues are resolved so it is in everyones best interests here to cooperate.

Q: No shirt, no play, no exceptions.

A: Each year we purchase a number of uniforms (i.e. shirts) to outfit each player on every team. In order to keep the overall costs low for the league, we limit the number of uniforms we order to registered players. We can't reorder uniforms without incurring a significant cost. It is imperative that each player take responsibility for their uniform.

As a rule, if you have a player without a uniform, they will not be permitted to play in any games for the league (this means on the night they don't have their uniform).  This is not unlike any other league where a player is missing a uniform or equipment.  It is an issue of safety as the shirts identify you as a player in the league, identification during the games for the referees, and it makes it easier for us to administer the league. 

Q: How do I know that games are being played in the case of rain?

Check the website.  It is should be updated by 4:45 PM on the day of games.  Information about canceled or delayed games due to weather will be sent to all families via e-mail by the league website.

Remember, we're doing our best to play "weatherperson", and sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate. 

Q: What is Park Cleanup Day?

A: Each year we try and get as many volunteers as possible (players, coaches, parents) to help clean up the Fr. Maguire and Fr. Bourgeouis Parks.  Trash, gum, broken glass, are safety issues for the league and we do our best to provide a safe environment to play in.  Again, we need alot of help, and it is alot of work.  As well, board members and any volunteers we find circle the courts on game nights to try and keep the park in reasonable condition.  We also try and clean the surrounding play areas as we anticipate families that come to watch the games may have small children that use the playground areas.  If you see someone littering and can encourage them to be respectful, that would be helpful, as we try and do the same.  If you can help us cleanup on the cleanup day, or any other, that would be terrific as well.  Again, we can't do it without volunteers.

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